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The Hollywood Stones
Private Event & Concert Booking Info:

Seven Piece Band - Michael Forbes, Rick Tyler, Harley Watts, Dick Swagger, Keef Riffoff, Will Hyman, Penay Wanzo 

The Hollywood Stones are the perfect cake topper for your private event or wedding!  Agents, buyers, and  bookers are always pleased with the high-spirited show and fun loving audience interplay of the band.

The Hollywood Stones have traveled extensively for over a dozen years with the same experienced line-up personalizing literally hundreds of shows with a professional flair that will add to the success of your own event. A true custom rock show!

The Hollywood Stones
are the 'go to' Stones Band for trusted National & International booking agents. This band is 'The A-List' hire for many high-end event coordinators looking for that added spark for their special clients. Get the show done right and tight! ~ Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Please do a proper background research on your band selection! The Hollywood Stones are proud of their extensive live experience, and the consistent quality of each show. Beware of cheap one man 'quick-hire' pick-up bands and / or karoake pre-recorded 'backing-track' tricks!  True quality success is in the details of a well run ongoing professional live act that delivers a sensational Live Show!  - Let's talk!  - Ya yas!

The Five piece core band of Dick Swagger & Co. Always ready to rock! 

Six or Seven piece band? 
Additional talent to enhance your private show:

Penay Wanzo: Background Vocalist Extraordinaire! She doesn't just sing the perfect parts - She owns them! Penay is an electrifying performer with an experienced high-caliber resume. The Best!

Michael Forbes: Saxophonist. He also plays a flute, keyboard, acoustic guitar, and other tasty background parts. Well known throughout Hollywood, and beyond, as a top sideman. 

Add these musicians as you like. The Hollywood Stones full Seven-piece stage band expands the song repertoire, and adds considerably to the depth of the live show..

The Hollywood Stones can make you a Star baby! 
Tele: (323) 878-6949  -  E-mail

The Hollywood Stones Rolling Hard Since 1994