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Hello Friend,


So, you want the Hollywood Stones to perform Rolling Stones music at your private event and you want to know what it will cost?


Rest assured, we have a lineup to fit most budgets. We have a few questions for you before we can shoot you a quote:


  1. How many people are you expecting at your event?

  2. Indoors or out? Outdoor shows must have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Nothing can get wet. Is the outdoor stage under cover or in direct sun?

  3. Venue Name or house party?

  4. What floor is the stage on? Any stairs? How many stairs?  How far is the stage from the loading area?

  5. What time is the show time and what city? Events outside LA/Orange County will require lodging.

  6. Will you need our PA and lighting? Are you providing power? We do not provide staging or power. If no stage, what surface will the band perform on?

  7. What number and length of sets are you looking for?

  8. Can you provide a Green Room for the band?



We start at $420 for solo acoustic by Dick Swagger in LA/OC.  You can also have 2, 3, 4 or 5-piece acoustic performance. You can’t go wrong with the classic 5-piece electric band which is our usual lineup. For bigger budgets, you can add a utility player (sax, flute, keyboards, percussion) and/or a backup singer.


The choice is yours. Early inquiries result in completed bookings.


Any questions?


Thank you for your consideration,


Dick Swagger

323 878 6949

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