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The ultra-cool ROLLING STONES look & sound. The HOLLYWOOD STONES are a completely true live band. The same five piece line-up has worked closely together since 1994 at hundreds of gigs taking hardcore STONES fans by storm! Everyone raves about "That killer Stones band from Hollywood!" Live shows are packed with street fighting stage attitude and full-tilt classic rock. The HOLLYWOOD STONES are a super hot live band playing all the ROLLING STONES hits and cult favorites!

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A Mick Jagger impersonator without equal. He  reproduces studio quality Mick vocals during his dead-ringer performance with all  the legendary Mick moves and costumes. Many have come to see him fail, but he wins them  over every time. Ya ya.



When you attempt to play like Keith Richards  you gotta mean it. Keef is serious about getting it right. From his rolling rhythm guitar, to his stage prowling presence; he is ready to rock. - Now, back off.



The guitar player’s guitar player. He does a great job covering Brian Jones', Mick Taylor’s, and Ron Wood’s parts. People come just to see him play those great solos! 



Wild Bill Stand Still to a "T". Teamed with Harley, they recreate that Rolling Stones pulse that gets your feet moving. Will is an extraordinary bass player with a powerful understated manner. The women love him.



Harley plays the pocket with that subtle, elusive Charlie groove like no other. The Stones don't rock without that groove. He’s a gentleman too! - Was a personal friend of Charlie Watts himself. RIP CW

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